Terms & Conditions

Vapour Emporium - Terms and Conditions.


We stock only the best quality products and are confident that they will perform as advertised and should arrive intact and damage free. If you are not 100% satisfied with either the quality of the product or our customer service, or if you simply have a query, please contact us directly here and we will respond to your request within 1 business day. We want your vaping experience to be seamless and satisfying; that's why we are here to help you with any information we can so you can kick back, relax and enjoy your vape with peace of mind. If we make an error in your order we will correct it and ship your revised order within 1 business day upon receiving an email.

If your shipment is damaged by the shipping provider, this has to be rectified directly by the provider themselves, depending on the method of shipping chosen. However, even in situations like this where the error is out of our control, please email or call us and we will be happy to assist with whatever information we can. In extreme situations, such as a parcel being lost by Australia Post where no tracking has been selected, we may even be able to simply provide you with a new order free of charge. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction. We value loyalty above all else - both to and from our customers, so we are always happy to work with you to come to an agreeable resolution.


If ever you receive a product that doesn't work the way it was intended to, or if you receive a product that is defective from the get go, we will happily replace it free of charge. Alternatively we can provide you with a store credit to the original value spent and offer free shipping as well. Often products may appear defective when they are simply not being used the way they were designed to be used. We suggest you email or call us directly to talk through the issue you are encountering. Often this may resolve the problem, and if it doesn't, we will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome, it's as simple as that.


If you wish to return a product for whatever reason, you can; provided the product is unused and unopened and is returned within 30 days of purchase. Upon receipt of the returned product, we can provide you with either a full refund or store credit - no 'ifs or buts'! Furthermore, if you have opened the product and are not satisfied, please call us for information on how you can get the device to perform as desired. Things like nicotine levels in juice, wattage of the atomiser and size of the tank can all contribute to either a great or a poor experience. Call us to troubleshoot any issues you face with the products purchased.